Reverend Liz Mitchell’s Book Boney M

Reverend Liz Mitchell's Book Boney M; The story of my life during the group, before it and after it.

Follow the magical beat of an ethereal existence in the life of, Liz Mitchell, the original and revered lead singer of, Boney M. 

   Share in the story that tells of her ascent from poverty and sin to fame and her ordination in the Church of God.

   Share in the accomplishments of record breaking music sales that have propagated a legacy after songs like, By the rivers of Babylon, Rasputin and Daddy Cool.

   Liz, speaks about her life candidly, challenging evils, with cunning discernment that made her a legend. The eyes of one of the most spiritual divas, Liz Mitchell, show us her wold in this book. 

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  • Reverend Liz Mitchell’s Book Boney M

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