This is a novel based on a world, Aaron Pemberton, was scrupulous existing in. His reflections are entertaining and moving, as he captures the upward struggle to independents. He wrote this as a young man but boasts an abundance of savvy wisdom which leaves you a fresh outlook on the days of our lives. Written in a subtle satirical tone, you wont put it down. The London setting and life like characters make this a timeless classic. 

Nigel's, story is told alongside a plethora of other characters and a 3 act play of laconic scenes, in this giant feat of a cultural graphic novel.

As grand as the city of its setting, all the diverse worlds of the centre of, London, can be imagined as the characters in this book are painted with all the realism of a heterogeneous world.

The pragmatic artistry of living is written in this book with couples, families and souls of the, West End, gripping us to find them. In the span of less than a fortnight, Nigel, will meet them all, perhaps to his peril, in order to put on the greatest show ranking in the box offices.

Nigel, has to prepare, The Theatre Emporium, crew and cast, yet, no one can predict what is going to happen to their world by the end of the play.

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  • Nigel

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