Past Events

5th April 2016 - Squint Koros Summer Business photo shoot with Aaron Pemberton, at, Pauls Studio, Reading.

This was the first time I had to model nude. The Summer Business theme was a great idea to increase the awareness of my material. It wasn't too nerve racking for me and surprisingly I worked through 3 or 4 changes without much difficulty. It was a great crew in the studio that followed what I was doing and they caught some great pictures. I have a secret love for modelling that's not really secret but I've not been permitted to share it properly in my lifetime. This modelling experience was terrific.  

30th March 2016 - TV Interview with Aaron Pemberton on Dr Roselle and Friends.

It was invigorating speaking with, Dr Roselle, on, Dr Roselle and friends. I've rarely had the chance to converse with other writers in such a professional element as on her chat show. It was a great release for me which pleased the crew and Dr Roselle. Talking about many supressed subjects with optimism and clarity was, in a way, exciting. It was also a privilege to exchange with an amazingly intellectual woman like, Dr Roselle. I was honoured to receive a signed copy of her book.  

March 10th 2016 - Boney M, Concert, featuring Liz Mitchell, in, UAE Abu Dhabi, with, Aaron Pemberton


I had a high energy performance at this show. My mother, Liz, had the audience excited and enjoying themselves. As much as I hate waiting backstage, it was a brilliant vibe, with the stage crew and organisers clapping and laughing with the hit songs being performed by my mother. I'm so grateful to the beautiful lady who made some pictures of me on stage performing my song, Breathe. It was a successful event and I'm proud to have been involved with it. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it possible. - Aaron Pemberton

December 20th 2015 - Boney M, Concert, featuring Liz Mitchell, in, Iceland, Reykjavic with, Aaron Pemberton

There was a great buzz about this concert. Everything was subdue arriving in, Reykjavik, at the hotel, late at night. It was a gradual build up to the night performing, seeing the concert hall the next day for the sound check before show time. Two shows with continually growing energy made this a really enjoyable event for me to take part in. It was a great stage crew on board and the organisers were really focused. I was honoured to meet them and warmed by their hospitality. - Aaron Pemberton    

December 10th 2015 - Launch Party for Liz Mitchells autobiography at Westminster Palace, London, UK 

I felt very honoured this evening to be amongst people that I can look up to. I was recognised where I believed I would only ever be disputed until I'm one reprehensible character. However people like Dawn Butler. MP, Lord Snape and of course, Liz Mitchell, my mother, attended and welcomed me to new possibilities. It was a really great evening. I'm grateful to everyone who attended and wish them all the best as they enjoy, Liz's book, which I signed and gave away to the attendants. Thank you, Thomas and Elizabeth Pemberton, for buying the books to give away. Your charity is becoming of you and the great things you have done.  - Aaron Pemberton

November 27th 2015 - Christmas Sessions Concert - Biel, Switzerland

Great group of people together with Liz Mitchell and her band. A massive audience to engage with. I received standing applause for my performance of Breathe. The Crew said. Liz had excited the audience the most any artists had for more than three years. - Aaron Pemberton

Liz Mitchell, lead singer of, Boney M, has released her autobiography electronically here on, Squint Koros, June 15th 2015 

June 20th 2015 - Castle In Flowers - Berlitz, France

Castle in Flowers, was a Festival party where, Boney M, featuring, Liz Mitchell and Aaron Pemberton, performed for the headlining acts. Aaron, also celebrated his birthday with, Toni Ash, Dancer in, Boney M and  other friends. A great crowd and an amazing atmosphere made this a birthday we'll never forget. It was a small castle but with so much character we were up inside it all night :-).

Stories A.D. - Peril      &

The Evangelists - The Promised Circle, were electronically released on the 25th June 2015 here at, Squint Koros. Stay tuned.

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