Future Events


Squint Koros, are hosting a few launch parties! Stay posted for dates.

Boney M, featuring, Liz Mitchell in Dubai 10th March 2016 (Aaron Pemberton, performing, Breathe.) 

It's hoped that, Squint Koros UK, under the management of, Aaron Pemberton, will make an opportunity of this event to get P.R. material for, Liz Mitchell's, book release and Diamonds award. It may be difficult as, Aaron Pemberton, is performing at this concert and his time and focus may be occupied. Wish us luck!

10th December 2015  - Liz Mitchell's 40th anniversary in show business celebration. 

10th December 2015 7:00pm - Aaron Dia Pemberton's, Book launch and exhibition Party.

I can't tell you were, here. Maybe you can guess :-)

Coming Titles:

The Evangelists, Books 1 - 3

"I'm in the spell of the most prominent and potent conjuring. To capture the motions of what will devour our souls and recognise the heroics of what will save them. There is only, The Evangelists, to keep me until the spell is over and I pass the stories onto you. I am a captured man to exist the part you read. I'm puppeteer to itself, champion of God and an agent scintillating you to witness the dimensions of life. You'll find it arrives like a vanishing mist. Could you be reading my time?" - Aaron Dia Pemberton

Stories AD - book 1- Peril, by, Aaron Dia Pemberton

Squint Koros, a book of exquisitely detailed poetry, by, Aaron Dia Pemberton

"Koros, is Greek for satire. I saw a lot of satire in the makeup of my day's in and out. As a boy I often felt the need to squint, almost discombobulated by satire in life. I had mastered satire after I left university and named my company, Squint Koros, after the way I see things. It seemed fitting in accordance with the companies premier book releases this book should be included in them" - Aaron Dia Pemberton 

Reverend Liz Mitchell's Book Boney M, by, Elizabeth Mitchell and Aaron Pemberton

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