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The focus of our company is attention to writing of natural origins. The art of writing is the skill our company has become aware of and chooses to give recognition and direction to. Our directors cater for the preservation of expression as a heritage that should not be misused. We take a commercial stance with a natural composure for business, in order to deliver writers certification and recognition for work of noble calibre.

          Our goal is to show readers current work from writers addressing the art with truth and integrity. It is our policy to preserve and sustain these attributes that have added to brilliant characters that run Squint Koros UK Ltd.

The company will publish most types of fiction, music and biographies. We will maintain our creed to supply this kind of service and seek out the material our customers demand. Our photographers, film makers and artists possess character and integrity to provide you with the quality of material that will more than satisfy you. You receive the feeling of greatness from our champion artists. Our directors aim for you to be recognised with the best through our humble accordance with you.

Aaron Dia Pemberton, CertHE, BAhonours, founder of Squint Koros UK, has worked for over a decade building the company and his qualifications. He and his body of artists and directors promise the standard of service and material that will be refreshing when remembered. 

Please enjoy this site and feel welcome!

Aaron Dia Pemberton


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