Squint Koros, a book of exquisitely detailed poetry
Stories A.D. - Peril
The Evangelists - The Promised Circle
DrealEarthG Soil For Sovereign I - a guide to where victory for the soul was won
DrealEarthG Soil for Sovereign II, a guide to victory
Oceans in Fantasy
The highest love I reach - The transcending verses
Kingdom Come, The Britannia Poetry Collection
Poetry Blown a Decade System
The Euphoric Poetry Engine
Mental Binoculars of The Judged Pope
Angels, Horse tracks, Devils and Styles
Stories A.D. - Escape from Hell
Stories A.D. - 2000 Ascending
DrealEarthG Soil for Sovereign III, The Palace Chambers
The Evangelists - The Hope of Soldiers
DReaLEartHG CITY Volume .1.
DReaLEartHG CITY Volume .2.
The Curse Of The Spider
DReaLEartHG Soil for Sovereign V - The Eagles flight from, Drak clouds to, Clear Space.
Harmonic Resolution
DReaLEartHG Soil for Sovereign VI - Excalibur, The Paradox Light
Soil for Sovereign VII - The Public Shield, at the, Twisted Sword
Soil for Sovereign VIII - The Sentient Guide to Break Mind Nets, in, Curses under God.
Whu Shu Jack
The Manmyth Book
The Fable Love Made
The Fable Love Made 2 - The Ice Bed Heart
The Ship of Myth at Forgotten Dawn
The Ship of Myth at Forgotten Dawn - Continuing Screenplay
Reverend Liz Mitchell’s Book Boney M
The Evangelists - The Calling of Fire
DRealEarthG Soil for Sovereign IV - View of the Universe and a Barking Dog
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