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New Butler Serves Sound Tonics - Pub Review 15/05/15

Striking changes have transformed what use to be the semblance of a clinic or dentists, which was actually the, Butler Pub and it is now a white retreat, The Butler, with a new courtyard. Under new management, Marisa Rodriguez, can be found there on, Thursday, evening. She hosts a friendly and buzzing open mic that bewildered me from the great line up of a range of talent. Its casual show of effervescent artists gently compelled me to perform. However, wearing my banausic glasses I would not go onto the stage. I did however enjoy a refreshing drink that was pleasantly served with a slice of lemon and ice.

    There is a lot of experienced management going into the venue as the new owners of, The Butler, were associated to, The Three Guineas. Reading, is an ideal location for the new, Butler, owners as they are already a well-known married couple in, Reading and they likewise know the area. For customers, it’s a stopping point for the bustling nights in, Reading, town centre. The Butler, is located near, Face Club and a few hundred meters from, The Penta Hotel and other clubs and restaurants. There are large and colourful brollies covering the courtyard, which is surrounded by new criss cross fences. Affectively, smoking outside doesn’t mean you have to get wet in the rain. There is limited parking at the front of the pub, however a large car park is across the road, just opposite of the pub.

   Walk inside and you immediately meet the dark wood bar counter and a barman or bar lady serving drinks. There is an intimate greeting as you are immediately sighted and welcomed. The pub serves drinks and snacks which you can keep at the bar or bring round to the living room area. Many refurbishment plans have been lined up for the pubs renovation, for it to become a new hot spot for people living around the Oxford Rd and Reading. Inside is a very soft ambience, agreeable to any hopeful individual like myself. I was pleasantly surprised by, Miss Rodriguez’s ability to enamour a small audience as well as any star. The other artists that she hosts for appear sober headed and ambitious, making it one of the liveliest open mics I’ve ever attended in Reading.

   There is a predominant sound that is being made from all of these points about, The Butler Pub. That is the sound of community. The genuine desire to bring people in to create music and better the opportunities for people is gushing from the walls of this pub. Miss Rodriguez, said: “It’s about friends, networking, I want it to be a music community.” The determination, Miss Rodriguez, has shown putting on the event has certainly helped her vision come to be seen. The Butler, is a destination I believe is being more and more pleasantly sighted.        


By Aaron Pemberton

Marisa Rodriguez

The Butler Pub

85-91 Chathem Street, Reading, RG17DS

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