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Book author exposes unforeseen triumph of, Boney M, singer, Liz Micthell. 16/12/15

Aaron Pemberton, was extricating for the unforeseen launch of his auto-biography of, Liz Mitchell, of, Boney M, which she co-wrote.

Squint Koros UK Publishers, organised the prestigious event, occupying rooms in, Westminster Palace, where Lords, MPs, media magnates and journalists joined the artists who exhibited a plethora of talent, on Thursday 10 th December 2015.

Dawn Butler, MP for Brent, said: “It’s fantastic to open doors of Westminster to one of our amazing musicians loved by, Brent and beyond the globe. Sometimes we celebrate people when they are no longer with us. I’m determined that we appreciate people like, Liz Mitchell, whenever we can.”

Liz Mitchell, is commended by her contemporaries in the music industry, for keeping a low profile. However, they meet her frequently when she performs live concerts at sell out events. Liz, recently headlined at the extravaganza, Retro FM Concert, in, Moscow, performing to tens of thousands of the Russian, Boney M, fans.

Where many media houses would be titillated by the revealed secrets of a cosmopolitan artist like, Liz Mitchell, in her new book, the event found her accomplishments monolithic enough to force many media forces into a period of recognisance, unsure how to report about its celebration. Squint Koros UK, have recently released information that prompted, Liz Micthell, to make features with other journalists for London and Reading papers. However, Liz’s, humble and affable nature has worked as an antithesis for exposing, Liz’s, activities with mainstream publishers.

Aaron Pemberton, co-author of, Liz’s, autobiography, said: “I had to see this to believe this. Speaking as a journalist, I feel reprehensible not being recognised here in the days of my succeeding as an author. I feel I’ve been holding myself from being thrown out the door because I’ve not been invited by the mainstream media.”

Aaron Pemberton, is the author of more than 19 published titles which are available to purchase on . After graduating from, Brunel and Kingston University, he has also produced a music album, performing lead in a band called, The Supernova Heroes, which is expected to be released in the near future. He has also exhibited galleries and short films. When asked how he procures such a broad range of talents, he replied: “I’m a renascence character after my mother and father.”

Liz Mitchell, was pregnant with, Aaron Pemberton, at the height of her career, appearing on TV and Top of the Pops, with her son in her womb. She later had two more children with her husband who they named, Twan and Adero Pemberton. From, Liz, protecting her private home, the legacy she lives has been a public parley. However, Liz, has worked continually over the resigning of past decades.

Liz, said: “I realized our music was healing in, Poland and East Germany, in, 1974 when that region was the, USSR. (Liz, performed there on tour after staring in, Les Humphries Singers.) I observed that our presence then and later in, Boney M, significantly helped to bring down the Berlin Wall (+ other oppressive structures in Russia and the world). The music of, Boney M, moved through the, USSR, China, Africa, Lebanon, Middle East and even the Muslim community.”

The celebration event for, Liz Mitchell and her new book was commending for, Liz. A short documentary extracted quotes from the book, read by the author, Aaron Pemberton. Liz, receiving the Diamond music award earlier this year, was also played.  The programme of singers included, Liz’s nieces, with angelic voices, Tahera and Ishara Andrews. Should these events be portending at all it would be of a far less resigning future which all the industry could happily attend.    

By T. Bollte

‘Lovers Rock,’ on, Music Means Business, Seminar 03/11/15

Magnates of film, T.V. and music congregated to give presentations and help to an audience of new and recognised talent, for free, at the, Music means business seminar, hosted by, F.O.R.M..

Menelik Shabazz, director of the acclaimed, Lover’s Rock, spoke besides a venerated group of CEO’s, Musicians, Producers and organisation representatives at the, University of Westminster, on, Saturday 31st October.

Suba Subaja, an unsigned artist who attended the event, said: “I wasn’t sure what to expect but anything that is helping me to make my career is good and it’s free.”

F.O.R.M., (the federation of reggae music) was founded in 1995. Reggae Focus, is the flagship of, F.O.R.M., initiated to promote Reggae in the, UK, to its widest possible audience. The CEO of F.O.R.M. and one of the organisers of the event, Delroy Washington, was present and spoke to the audience with nonchalant flare. Mykaell Riley, another of the event’s organisers, musician and lecturer at the, University of Westminster, also hosted the event with conscientiousness, giving the audience his best attention.    

Subjects that were covered included intellectual property and royalties for artists. Organisations like, P.R.S. (Performing rights society) and A.I.M. (Association of independent music) were represented by leading figures from their companies. Business cards and future meetings were offered to the participating audience. The pathos for what was declared, ‘broke musicians,’ was washed with new enthusiasm from encouraged artists.

Wondering Dragon, an unsigned artist who was in the audience, said: “I got up at 5:30am to get here from Birmingham. I’m a poor man, an artists who needed to understand the industry more. Music is what I do. I was very impressed to be able to come to, London, to, Westminster University, for a seminar that was free.”

The event was amazingly concluded, after 8 hours of presentations and talks, by excellent performances from artists, Gail Storm Hastings, who performed her song, New World and Empress Ayeola, who performed, Reggae lock di world, from her, Straight to the point, album.        

By Aaron Pemberton

Festival, Leeds, to piss on, Reading.   03/09/15

Over 150,000 people stormed, Bramham Park, in, Leeds and Richfield Avenue, in, Reading, on the Bank Holiday weekend of the, 28th August 2015, where, in the bleak of rain music played on.

   Headlining acts were, Metallica, The Libertines and Mumford & Sons, who judiciously received reverent praise from the crowds flooding the park on the 4 days of, Reading Festival.

    One person at, Reading Festival, said: “There was a sense of community and the stalls gave good food. The bathrooms were bad though. On the whole, I think Reading did a good job.”

   The residents of Reading town tolerated the tumult of the sounds breaking from the festival for miles into neighbouring villages, even the neighbouring county of Oxfordshire. Reading town makes the proxy gladiator for one of the biggest festivals in the UK calendar.    

   Other artists included, Azealia Banks and Kendrick Lamar, represented, American Hip Hop and R&B.  The Japanese Teen trio, Baby Metal, were bedazzling with eye catching makeup and style. There were over 60 stupendous acts in the course of the weekend.

   Once in the incendiary waves of excitement there were also a few surprises reported. Alex Colley, a teenage, The Libertines, fan at, Reading Festival, said: “In, The Libertines, set, someone peed on my friend’s leg.” His friend who was with, Mr Colley, said: “Someone smashed me in the face. I got a nose bleed.”

   The riotous behaviour of people in the festival did not change the constantly elated ethos of the campers and visitors, who paid money to see their favourite artists and have a good time. One person, who attended, Reading Festival, for Friday, told me: “It was decent. Mumford & Sons, were awesome. It was good to see local bands like, Don Broco, who are really big now, playing at such an event in their home town.”  

   Reading Festival, is certainly a unique experience that has left loved memories for the people who have attended. However for those fearing a cup filled with urine being thrown over them, perhaps the agoraphobia of the crowds of thousands might deter you.

   Tickets to, Reading and Leeds Festival, 2016, will be available on, Tuesday 1st September 2015. For a limited time these tickets will only cost £205.00. Tickets are available at and   .


Book author exposes unforeseen triumph of, Boney M, singer, Liz Mitchell. 16/12/15

Dawn Butler MP (Left) Liz Mitchell (Centre) Aaron Pemberton (Right)

Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell live at Retro FM Concert, Moscow, Dec 2015

Boney M, at, Retro FM Concert, Dec 2015

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