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Aaron Dia Pemberton, author, solo artist and lead singer in, The Supernova Heroes 

Founder of, DReaLEartHG, distinction award and trademark

Brunel University Graduate, CertHE, studying, English, Film & TV

& Kingston University Graduate, BAHonours, studying, Creative Writing & Journalism.

Recipient of, Lamda, awards from, Stagecoach school for entertaining arts.

RYA Yachtmaster, Endorsed Trawler Yacht Captain.  


An unwavering will is transcendentally revealed through the achievements of Aaron Pemberton’s challenging soul. Working in an unstable time of belligerent powers and inglorious moral standards, he has produced work of integrity and deep substance. Through his company, Squint Koros UK, Aaron has promised to recognise human expression as: a heritage that should not be misused. He has created a trade mark award, DReaLEartHG, to celebrate other artists who share his vision.

In ethereal expressions of determination, he has toured and performed music he has written. The beginnings of his success started in, The Supernova Heroes. In reprisal against forces of commercialism casting hopelessness for his vision, he created, Harmonic Resolution; an album which they toured performing.

From the early ages of his childhood, a high promise of truth was aptly displayed in his actions. He went on to produce over 20 published book titles, which follow and delightfully portray the proper discerning of his mind and soul. Included in these titles are 2 epic stories comprising of 6 books, a selection of stimulating and laconic poetry books and a series of autobiographies. This includes the autobiography he co-wrote with his mother, who is the original lead singer of the record breaking Disco Pop group, Boney M, Liz Mitchell.

Having been schooled in the UK, he has received a standard of decorum distinguishing him on camera, with his height and shape making an exciting formula. He has been an able model and act for projects internationally. He has commended his friends and loved ones, who have shared his visions and allowed him to share his warmest appreciation with us all.  


Aaron Dia Pemberton, Audio Archive

Aaron Pemberton, at, Alpha Studios, with, Casting City, November 2015

Aaron, at, Alpha Studios, with, Casting City, November 2015 

Aaron, Singing Breathe in, Soho Square, Sharm el sheikh, Egypt, 2015

Aaron, in The Supernova Heroes, 2012

Aaron, 2014

Aaron in The Supernova Heroes, at South Bank, London, UK 2012

Aaron, recovering from a trapped nerve in his shoulder since November the previous year, June 2015

Aaron, in, The Supernova Heroes, at, Waterloo, London, UK, 2012

Aaron, 2014

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