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Short Stories will be uploaded and recited to, Squint Koros, on the 1st of every month starting January 2016 with a short story by, Aaron Pemberton (All Stories Published here are Copyright to Squint Koros UK)

December Christmas Special 2016

DReaLEartHG, in time. In time, DReaLEartHG and Imoogi the Earthchild

There was a streak of morose and dismal looks, trapped in a stuffiness that filled the news studio. In a silence filled with an abashing disdain, the news crew waited for the reporter, Jane Cathcart, to read the tele prompts about the unsettling announcement. There was solidness in the fluidity of the bodies, which made them like statues. Jane, was with begrudging denouncement of her duty to speak about the bulletin, which had just been passed.

        “Go to commercial…” She whispered, in a misguiding tone, feeling over the papers on her desk, trying to hide the severity of what she was about to report. At the heat of a rising flush, she lifted her fingers to press between her hot cleavage, busting out of a clean white blouse, loosely lifting off her body. “Commercial?” She inferred, believing her viewers would not cope with the horrific news.

“We can’t… Sorry,…. The people have a right to know.” The crew man spoke. He was dressed in casual denim and a blue striped shirt. The arms, either side of his body, dropped like steel balls, pulling the positive notes of his features, like the fixing frown which was quickly saddening his face. In an unbelieving atmosphere, somehow brought to oblivion and stupefied, Jane, took lifeless glances till she was looking into the camera again. The bounce in her blond winter hair, fell out of place and cutting out her sinking eyes.

“Santa Claus, has been arrested…” She said and gasped for air, before continuing to read. “Police have intercepted naked pictures of, Santa’s Elves, being posted in the private mailing lists of his minor clients. The internet has boosted the hero’s reach without using his sleigh, and demand for Elvin products has increased extensively over the last three years.

        These graphs show where, Santa Claus, was supplying  to, Norwegian’s, prominently, coming close to a decade before now. Recent technological advances have made it possible for him to reach children all over the world. However, it seems these advances have not limited Santa to boxes under the tree.

        “Are you sure this is right, Robert?!” Jane, outburst and covered the mic on her blouse screaming, as, Robert, emptily threw his hand, like tossing a broken tennis racket at the reporter, indicating she should read the screen. “This can’t be happening! 1 week before Christmas! Jesus Christ, I am falling apart trying to deliver this!” Jane, said. She saw him continue to point showing that they were live and recording. Jane, was without vigour and saw herself like the key clog in the ruin of a sacred time that was about to stop. “Naked elves have been posted to children writing to, Santa, wishing for their broadband restrictions to be unlimited for adult viewing. In the growing popularity and growth of the internet and broadband, spikes of the same request have been observed and were recently monitored by the, British Metropolitan Police. Amongst those known to have received the emails of the nude elves was, Prince Charles.”

Kingston Rd Recreational Ground, Kingston Upon Thames, UK

“You’re almost 10 now, Estuary, You must try to stop blowing grass my son.” Kayla, was calm and brimming with an elation that made her glow like she was a melting toffee. Her fair Ebony complexion was grown into a bold and solid air. Her instincts were prepped like a wild lion, watching the 10 year old earth child, on a savanna plain. The sound of the vibrating glass whistled like a cricket between the boys hands. They were soft and, clenching the grass blade with effervescent curiosity, as though it were a magical device of powers he had desired to draw out.

        The boy had a simple and neat face. There was a stateliness about his nose, which was straight and investigating. His eye brows were bushy, like that of an animal’s sweeping tail. They grew out, like concealing shrubbery, off his hiding forehead and over his clear hazel brown eyes. There was a presence of a simple purity, clearly radiated by the diluted light of the clear eyes. He sat in a skirt with his top removed and laid on the ground between him and his mother on a blanket. A strong looking man picked it up and folded it, before placing it in a basket.

        Kayla, remained almost oblivious about the man and everything but her son. She slowly let herself become fixated in such a way, the moving white clouds and air above them were whirling like a spinning top. The impractical freedom of the park, opening like the fixed mouth of order, was speaking: ‘Pleasure will one day be everyone else’s misery.’ It didn’t disturb, Kayla, more than to smile even more at the joy she had brought into the world, her son.

        A football shot past and crashed into a goal not far behind them. Estuary, was like a doll making a melody from the blade of grass. He was unmoving and residing by a presence of serenity, like his mother. As his small frame stayed perching up with his knees scrunched before him, he became revealing of a feeling of content, like the world which surrounded him was enough, even though it was disturbing and changed.

        Two young men with Yoyos walked past them, whistling the balls on the ends of string as they did tricks. Their bragging brought a fierceness which attracted crowds, young kids, like, Estuary and impressionable characters, marvelled at the good looking lads pumping an excitement into their, Christmas Sunday.  The Yoyos were flashing bright, like jewel stones and bringing amazement from the enthralled people. Grey pigeons fluttered, detached from the park grass into the narrow line of trees that separated the park from the main road.

        “Don’t you want to play with the yoyo, Estuary?” Kayla, said. “It’s Christmas soon, maybe you can get one.” She said, looking unsparingly into the child’s hazel eyes. Estuary, stopped for a second, as if feeling the pull of time picked him up with a question. He looked assertively at his mother and centred his fine red lips, pressing the grass blade, like a lifesaving mask, over them. A melody, like angel’s voices, threw from the grass blade. Estuary, was motionless like a rock, as the skirt beat like a drum in the breeze. There was a pass of an exultation, which filled, Kayla and the man with them until, Estuary, stopped.

        “Wow, if that’s how he blows grass I wonder what he burps like?” The man said.

“Do you mind, Ezra!” Kayla, projected with slight hostility.

“What? Come on, Kayla, don’t be offended. The kid obviously has talents.” He said.

“Don’t even think about, Estuary, O.K.. You’re obviously even less mature than he is.”

“Well, that’s fine by me but I can still think about you?”

“Oh, you can’t be serious.”

“Actually, I would be, if you said those romantic thoughts were forbidden too. I’d be heart broken.”

“Ezra, I’ve never even kissed you.”

“But I think about it all the time. You mean you don’t?”

“Oh my God.”

“What about if I pucker my lips like this?” The man said until, Kayla, finally smiled looking at something other than her son. It was a shrinking smile which she felt appear with great abashment and was prompt to hide it as quickly as it was revealed. She did however surrender to a compulsion to glance upon his robust and masculine features, which were playing like a carefree baby. There was a durable smoothness in the brown mat of his skin, covered with black facial spikes of hair. The realness of his cuts and blemishes were like clouds over an air of gentleness, slowly blowing her to a frenzy.

        “You are not my dad! I’ll be forced to end this ridiculousness if you don’t compose yourself and stop your inappropriate approaches to my mother!” Estuary, said, with a raised eyebrow and a tone of dispassion.

“Right, Estuary, I’m not sure what to make of that coming from a 10 year old boy in skirt.” Ezra, replied.

“It’s not rocket science. Keep away from her!”

“Estuary… Calm down please. You’re getting quite bothered over nothing.” Kayla, said. “Please pass me his shirt, Ezra.” She said. Ezra, took the shirt out of the basket and with a sudden disgruntlement placed it into her hands. His disgruntlement was further provoked when she then said. “Now leave us alone for 5 minutes.”

“What?... I…”

“Now….. You can see you’ve bothered him. Let me calm him down…. 10 minutes.”

“Fine.” Ezra, said, slightly angry and standing to his feet. He, promptly, then moved away to watch the lads spinning the Yoyos.

        “Why don’t I have a father?” Estuary, astutely asked. Kayla, felt a heated compassion knowing, DReaLEartHG, was only absent from her sons life to protect it. A longing of desire to satisfy the presence that was missing, brought her to softly stroke, Estuary’s, innocent face. Watching the child coarsely wait for an answer, she saw an ambivalent sagacity, as though the child already knew what she was going to say. It made, Kayla, extra careful to find not just the right words, not just the truth but the reason the child would never have to search for again.

        “Estuary, Your father, DReaLEarthG, Aza.. How can I put this? Gaia?…”

“Is the world without classifications? Mother to life, the director of all of creation on Earth and where I am brought from, I know. How does that prevent my father from being with me?”

“Well…. Aza, must respect the will of, Gaia. He’s not quite like you, Imoogi.”

        Aza’s, mother was a world famous star and Gaia, intervened in, Aza’s, birth. It angered God and brought about a war of impalpable powers. When, Aza, grew strong enough to implant your Earth child into my womb, Aza, learned he could not protect you from the structures which were attacking him without keeping you away from him; knowing that you would better protect yourself.

        He fought to give you to me. He knew the struggle about his ambiguities might emasculate him. Many people figured he was just a puff, until he almost became a monster. He was neither of those things though. He was gentle enough to be strong and wise. His crass approach against the world has made him revere the promise of your serenity, which is why he left you alone. He saw you before you arrived here. He knows you already, enough to wait on the release of those instrumental roles, removing by your gowns, which he knew his once guarded soul would boast in you. You must never be bothered by, Ezra. He’s just another man.”

        DReaLEartHG, will continue to fight but you are, Imoogi. Be free my son, Dragon Lord.”

“Why do other kids tease me mother?”

“Estuary, now I’ve explained this already and you have to understand. I can’t afford to raise you to be a cry baby. Don’t cry!..... Why don’t you ask, Santa, for some new friends.”

“Santa’s finished. They’ve locked up, St Nicholas and left me a season of despair.” Estuary, said, standing up to walk back across the road to the house. He checked with a cold stance to see, Ezra, approaching them and with a subtle dejection of his sight, Estuary, led the way back to the semi-detached house in the quiet, cul-de-sac.

London, UK. The Ark Offices

The light from a new day flooded in through the glass walls of the building shaped like a massive ark vessel. It was like a hive, with visible movement sparking excitement from the idle morning traffic, moving past the building on the motorway. The smooth current of progress was like an electrifying haze, bedding the horizon, like an ocean. The growing pace of meetings and objectives was like a military organisation. In the dispersing of wild fury and desperation, a colony found stability and continued, like a refracted course of nature. As the Ark shaded staff and business people, walking into its massive doors, the future was arriving.

        The cold ventilation blew like snowy blizzards, blaring sounds of independents from the surrounding walls. The elements outside were being watched from within the glass and had been almost redundant for the carrying on of the business day. In dry drips of affection, the converging groups of bodies interacted with each other and exchanged schedules. There was a bland regality about the office floors, decorated inside. The people wore similarly coloured dark suits. It was the design of an organ, slowly breathing a sick respiration.  

        Li Rong, wore a long white tailed jacket and stood like an Admiral, watching everyone from the high window balcony of his office. He waited motionless with vexing apprehension in the air of his trouble. There was a clearing which warmed his gut, like a seed finding warmth from the rising sun. The feeling of a closed mind was undesirably being altered, as the opening of possibilities somehow drew away the direction of his intentions. His face was morose but empty, as though he were keeping the sky behind his green eyes. His Asian complexion was reflecting the pale light, like a soft stone, smoothly with no imperfections.  It might have started radiating itself had, Li Rong’s, attention not been taken by a man walking through the door behind him. “Mr Snipe.” Li Rong, said.

“Yes sir…. I’ve not got good news this morning. I know you’ve been expecting an increase in staff turnover. I can’t….”

“You can’t……. There’s the problem, isn’t it. You never could.”

“I expected, Lap Land, to bring in the higher sales targets. We proved, utilised and dominated the industries, with greater technologies but no one foresaw, Santa, was going to send nude pictures to his customers. I’m so sorry. I can do better.”

“You don’t even comprehend the problem enough to stop it from getting worse.”

“My comprehension has never been a problem in these cases, Sir... Even my gramma was not a problem despite my dyslexia.”

“There is more happening, Snipe!” Mr. Li Rong, projected, walking quickly towards him and lowering his head to speak down directly into, Snipes, startled Caucasian face. “I have directed the course of my enterprises for 50 years. Do you really think I could not foresee what is happening now?”

“Of course not sir. I knew this was part of your planning.”

“You’ve no idea, you idiot.”

“I don’t know anything.” Snipe, whimpered.

        Li Rong, angrily walked back to stand on the other side of a large mahogany desk. In the gap of a short silence the slow zapping of silver balls rocking either side of a, Newton’s Cradle, was like the ticking of a clock. Li Rong, allowed his vexation to intensify, as though it were the falling ball, waiting to impact with the other five, before moving off on the rise with an alternate sphere. The ball smacked into the still silver worlds and Li Rong , calmly spoke: “10 years ago, I tried to prevent the fruition of, DReaLEartHG, at, Silverstone.”

“I remember you won the race, Sir.”

“Shut up, Snipe! I won nothing! The insipid abilities, Gaia, granted that inception of man, Aza, could not be contained but I predicted he would cause the end of my operations now. I could not stop him at the risk of having my operations ended sooner.”

“Your prostitutes are more successful than ever. I recommend we diversify the range coming from Lap Land and use this to attract clients that are already loyal to you.”

“Nooo Snipe! I will not be marginalised. I bought, Lap Land, to exploit it for everything it stands for. It gave me a good image. I don’t care about, St Nicholas. The red bellied Jessabelle should never have put on my coat in the first place. That man was another inception that could not control his appetite for righteousness, just like, Aza D. G..”

“So we cut out the, Jessabelle, inception, like we’ve done with, Santa. Aza, doesn’t know how smart you are, Sir.”

“I don’t care about, Aza. Don’t go near the, DReaLEartHG.”

“The inception can’t be stopped, of course, power to the self-righteous Jessabelles.”

“His son, has the power to make me more powerful then, Aza, ever was or ever could be. It takes an, Earth Child.”

“I don’t understand, Sir. A child?”

“An Earth Star, Snipe. Not an ordinary child, one with powers that would match my own. One born with the raw nature of a free entity, which can only be passed by its deriving from the native forces of the planet. An, Earth Child. I can sense it, so clearly like we’re already connected.”

“I’m getting the number now, Sir. You’d be surprised, with our new broadband systems you probably already are.” Snipe, said, dialling for an operator on his mobile phone. He was interrupted before the call was answered when, Li Rong, sat down saying calmly:

“No, Snipe, don’t bother. It won’t be that simple.”

The Peel Pub, Kingston Upon Thames, 1 Year Earlier  

The grunge music was the beck of insouciance about the dining lounge of the Peel Pub, a couple minutes walk from, Kayla and Estuary’s, house. The day was hazy with a light vail of white clouds, filling it with crisp cold of the British winter. The pub dining area was not full that day. It was cleared and occupied with a kind of low loftiness. The waiter wiped glasses, as small groups dressed in dark clothes and watching with pale, painted faces, drank beers and talked. The room was breathable from an air of abandonment, whilst being an incommodious space to be sharing.  Were it not for the opening daylight, coming onto the black floor and shed over the alcoves of seating areas, it might feel seedy.

        Kayla, was impartial about the base nature of her surroundings, with a sense of practicality, which she felt, Estuary, was providing of. She enjoyed watching her son in the strange space they occupied at the pub dining area. It amused her to smiling with elation, watching him eat fish fingers and chips, while seated in his white gown, falling from his waist like a light skirt. The expression the child made was a dispassionate one, as though the food was just alright. He didn’t express any coldness, even though the toga like strap covering his torso and holding up his gown, was leaving much of his small chest bare.

        “I’m not like these people.” Estuary, said.

“You will come to realise and understand your difference from people. You have no father because he was not conscious of himself to exist besides the world either. But I was, Estuary and as long as you are free, you can be too.

        Your abilities were transmitted to you directly by, Aza’s, force to invoke the elements that guard power itself. He did it fighting in cold blood, against the anarchy of a power deranged world. You are proof of the gentleness he has always guarded, at the sacrifice of existence with you now. Unless you surrender to what structures become him now, you are alone, free, Imoogi.”

“I’m not mother. My father is with me in my heart and I have you, mother. Yet, I am aware of them being estranged from me.” Estuary, said, as the waitress walked over and looked begrudgingly at the ten year old. She stiffly dropped a container of ketchup, examining, Estuary, with an expression of refrain. Kayla, caught the waitress’s quick glance, turn and meet a certainty, which confused the waitress, in, Estuary’s, mothers wide brown ones. The waitress promptly gripped her own legs, finding them supported in blue denim. “You know you have a good looking boy. He can’t be that, President, in a skirt though, Miss.” The waitress said, with a sardonic smirk on her face.

“And I suppose you could be the President in a pair of trousers.” Kayla, replied. The waitress moved her hands escaping out of sight, rubbing back the cleft of her curvaceous bottom. It was as though a disregarding filled her dismissing and blithe concern.

“Why do others tease and disrespect me?” Estuary, said.

“Why must you care, Estuary?”

“To be accepted, to know peace.”

“You’re wrong, my son; like everything standing to insult you, you are wrong. Those people are at peace with the moments shared with all things but they are not at peace with themselves. That is no real comprehension of actuality which would be relevant.

Only a course one chooses to follow determines character. Their reviling is actually an abandonment, one you must recognise and rekindle in yourself before your battles, if you are to win.”

“I’m not even 10 years old!”

“Life has detained the acknowledgment of your strength. You must fight pre-emptively for it disadvantaging you.

Understand, your father did not need to love me to act a man. You do not need to be an aggressive challenger to win peace. The battle is of its own desire.”

“I do not challenge. It is my will not to but it is they who challenge me for being different.”

“Then you have gently challenged my son, for you are not the same, Imoogi. Continue this way. Already, I am proud enough to let go.”

Rotunda Cinema Complex, Kingston Upon Thames, town centre, present day

Outside the spherical tower of wide booming glass, erected on the corner of the thriving main road, young adults and children appeared like free blowing romancers. The lights flashed great signs for the restaurants and amusements inside. The roads passed like staves of music playing for the groups to dance. In a frame of decadence, the building brought a sensibility outside of the cold nature. It was the home of a freedom the young people in, Kingston Upon Thames, could recognise and praise.

        Kayla, walked with, Estuary, past the red double decker buses being filled with moribund looking people, who were commuting to their evening jobs. She clenched, Estuary’s, hand as a dirty and drunk, large bellied man dressed up as, Santa Claus, was drinking Hennessy from bottle; offering a swig of it to people as they walked in and out of the complex. There was a decaying presence about the atmosphere they shared in that moment. It was as though they had become free to die.

        Estuary, glanced at the fat man, noticing the obliviousness with which the, Santa, forwarded the bottle of alcohol towards him. It was like, Estuary, was welcomed by the world undoing what was reason for being welcoming. It made the boy feel like a real existence was fictional and a true desire was completely lost.

        Kayla, brought him into the arcades on the lower ground level of the complex. Estuary, was always enthralled by the deep encasement of the bowling alley, at the front of the floor. It was like an underground lair, with plush purple carpeting and colourful displays of subdue lights. The atmosphere was electrifying and warm, like a bed of excited fishes, shimmering on a watery surface. The people were joyous with invigoration playing the arcade machines and marking the 12 pins at the end of the bowling lanes.

        Kayla, pointed to, Estuary’s, friend who was from the private school where she sent, Estuary. His friend was with a large crowd, celebrating a birthday. The family had hired the entire building, sparing no expense for their progeny in business and his friends. It was when, Estuary, left to run and greet them all, a short stout looking man dressed up as a clown, gripped his shoulder. Estuary, looked up at the clown without wonder, as though he understood the job of an entertainer was to distract him from something more important which didn’t have happen.

        “Hello.” The clown said, squinting his eyes from a shallow and over exaggerated smile. As he looked up to face, Kayla, he was careful not to let his clothes reveal the shirt and tie he wore under the bright red blooming outfit. It was, Mr. Snipe and he did not want to be revealed for carrying out what, Li Rong, had planned for, Estuary. “Free tickets to, Lap Land, compliments of the wealthy host.”

“Oh?” Kayla, remarked with surprise. Ezra, walked down the steps and rushed over to her, seeing the clown approach them.

“What do you want?!” Ezra, said, removing, Estuary, from the clown’s hands and looking with a disparaging dejection of the clown’s character.

“Oh… I have one ticket for you also. Free, part of the wealthy host’s party package. Connections are everything. Ha hahahah……… Enjoy!” The clown spoke and walked away.

        Ezra, followed the enigmatic but smiling character with a sense of confusion. It was strange because his confusion came to him like a kind of clarity he could not reveal or fully understand. It was with some pugnacious drive, he questioned the occurrence more, asking: “What do you think this is? Really?”

“Estuary’s, friend’s dad is the wealthiest travel broker in the UK. He developed a new matrix system that made a lot of people almost as wealthy as he is. Just before, Estuary, was born, I covered a story on his future project to build discount holiday packages . Their clients were the employees. They could actually make money by going on the holiday. These tickets are real alright, so is the package in, Lap Land and it’s not that big a deal, Ezra.” Kayla, said.

“Oh really?” Ezra, sarcastically replied.

“Estuary, go and meet your friends.” Kayla, said.

        As, Estuary, walked towards the group of children, they witnessed his nonchalant manner which was boldly exposed by the deranging excitement the other kids felt, whilst watching the UK’s biggest rap star, ‘Killaman,’ entertaining them with freestyle recitations. The rap star was dressed in gold chains and a glossy reflective blue business suit. His complexion was almost as dark as his tie from sunbathing in hot countries. He slipped his hands about with every line, lifting his trainers with expression for his colloquial vernacular, which was very common and filled with profanity.

        Ezra, walked up to the clown who was watching with an apparently unwarranted intrigue.  “Did you think, Estuary, would come out looking like, Deadpool?” Ezra, spoke with unmasking directness. Mr Snipe, felt the charade was not only his part. He, indeed, did not even bother to face, Ezra, recognising a guardian over, Estuary, who no doubt knew how valuable the boy was. “Or some other Marvel superhero perhaps?” Ezra, spoke with jabbing surety.

“My dear, Sir. I hope, for the boy’s sake, he cracks up to be more than a midget in a dress.” Mr. Snipe, replied.

“I shouldn’t think you’d be better off wishing he was.” Ezra, answered.

“He will not defeat, Li Rong! After all, it’s Christmas. Hahaha. Don’t forget to smile, Hahahah.”

        The clown was starting to walk away with an air of confidence, when he heard a buzzing like a surge of power. The rapper continued to spit violent verses and moved with heated dominating about the circle of cheering children. The buzzing hit the rapper like a jolt but it wasn’t noticed until they saw, Estuary, stirred to some witchy glow of a radiant bright light. Soon the circle of children could feel heat, like from a radiator and as the rapper became more and more excited and the children became more and more possessed by the rappers inference, Estuary’s, glow exploded into a rebuking detonation of purging power. He did not intend it but the entire building was made dark as night, while the surging glow of, Estuary’s, soul blew the fuses.

        “Everybody, stay calm!” Kayla, said quickly finding, Estuary. Ezra, pulled them to the stairs. “The parties over!” Ezra, said, bringing them out the building and home.

China Town, Soho, London – Later that night

The lantern lights were like stars hanging over the streets in, London’s, China Town. They gently swung in the winter breeze of chilli ice. They were like bells over the tumult of, London’s, tourists and diners, talking with intensity about the roast ducks and sweet buns that wafted through the air. The night was dark in the dry cover of clouds, signalling the coming rain. In the aesthetic of an almost autonomous network, pleasing itself, the coming rain was like an unimportant bark of a chained dog.

        Mr Snipe, walked through the vagrant crowd and into a small restaurant that was lowly lit with a simple hanging sign, reading, ‘China Dumpling.’ Mr. Snipe, fixed his blue jacket and tightened his black tie, letting the rolls of his belly find crevasses in his trousers under his belt. He brought up a pad from his inside pocket and with an air of austerity, he moved into the restaurant.

        The waitress’s bowed their heads in silk red dresses and ushered him through the candle lit dining room, into a private section of the restaurant at the back. Li Rong, was sitting with a plate of aromatic duck and a tub of pancakes for rolling the duck in, before him on a segregated table. He was relaxed, with his shirt sleeves rolled up and his long black hair falling from the crown of his head to his shoulders. Mr. Snipe, felt an irrepressible hunger in his gut, which he could not contain enough to stop his stomach from rumbling like a groaning woman.

        “I’m sorry, Sir… I don’t know what came over me.” Mr. Snipe, said.

“Sit down, Snipe, order some noodles or boiled rice. I find simple foods don’t make it seem impossible for people to feed themselves.”

“Of course, Sir. You’re so benevolently generous……” Snipe, said and looked at a waitress demanding: “Noodles! And don’t hold back on the soya sauce!”

        “”Did you find the boy, Snipe? Was he at the, Jefferson’s, son’s party?” Li Rong, interjected.

“Yes Sir, but I’m afraid he’s not as helpless as at first thought.”

“Aza, was with him, then? DReaLEartHG?”

“No, there was another guardian but what was more alarming was he completely rebuked the influence of, ‘Killaman,’ who is the most powerful gangster rap artist in the UK.”

“You’re mistaken.”

“Sir, I’m telling you an accurate account, there was even signs of telekinetic power. The building experienced a complete black out as the boy purged himself of what the rest of the room was being possessed by.”

“Impossible! He couldn’t already exist autonomously. Could he be able to rebuke the symbiotic influence of the industrial world? If that is the case we will have to meet him with greater power. You did get him the invitation to, Lap Land?”

“I certainly did, Sir and may I stress that I don’t think you’ll have a problem. The boy wears a skirt.”


Korean Temple, Seoul, Korea. 20+ Years earlier


The young teenager had been prepared for the destiny she could not understand and drove away with unseen conviction to return to the country which she was to call her new home. As, Kayla, left, the soldiers kicked the earth and stones, with an idleness that was set in them from the end of something they enjoyed disrupting.

        The rain was still falling and the air had gotten clammy and moist from the heat. It was like a sate suffering was pouring out of itself. The water stamped onto the grounds around the open hall, falling from the traditional rooves of the building. It was heavy in the pass of ominous thunder, leaving the temple members consoled in each other’s arms.  The smell of sweet roasting corn lifted across the altar. The symbol of, Imoogi, was dropped from the table mount, as the thunder rattled like an earthquake.

        The Chief Monk, moved to pick it up and was touched on the back by a young, Ebony, man. “Ezra.” The monk spoke gently and smiling with sad serenity. “What troubles you?”

“Kayla, could not protect herself before now. How can you be certain she will be able to protect the reincarnation of, Imoogi, Master?” Ezra, said.

“The Dragon Goddess will not need you to protect her.”

“I know my people. If we cannot recognise her she will not survive in the racial climate of prejudices in, England.”

“Then watch her, Ezra. As, Cherylton, does watch the father to deliver her, who is powerless without the will of, Imoogi. Do not forget. The Goddess resides in the reincarnation she has directed. Only an, Earth Star, can perform its own arrival. Her only danger is that of another, Earth Star, opposing her.”

“What if, Imoogi, is reincarnated a boy, Master?”

“How farcical a suggestion, Ezra. It won’t be. The lunatic, DReaLEartHG, is not gentle enough to guard the temperament of a man. All those people do is bitch each other. Imoogi, as a man is pure fiction. He would destroy the world not capitulating with it. You watch, you watch and see, Ezra, my son.”

Lapland, Finmark, Norway – Present day

It was late in the evening covering refreshing black rock and white earth. Snow had fallen for days and was stopped. In the horizon, below the fluctuating array of colours from the Northern lights, grey and dusty clouds were stretching high into the mountains like fingers.  There was a sterile baroness about the atmosphere. It was as though everyone and everything had left.

        The car with, Kayla, Estuary and Ezra; pulled up to a small lodge that had a fire burning an orange glow in the dark from inside it. The driver was tall and clean looking, with red hair. His eyes were blue and glossy, almost like they were dilated. The driver was astute and sharp with a conscientiousness that appeared refreshing to, Kayla, coming from, London.

        “I wouldn’t go anywhere tonight. Those fine clouds are an indication of more snow any time now.” The driver said.

“Will you need to be staying with us? I think there’s room.” Kayla, responded, taking her bag from him. Ezra, lifted the rest of the luggage from the boot himself and spoke:

“I don’t. It’s a little cabin and I’m a big guy.” The diver was a little withheld, finding it hard to articulate the source and reason for, Ezra’s, aggression. In a subtle shrug, presuming that, Ezra and Kayla, were a couple, he answered:

“You’re a neat looking family, thank you but I wouldn’t invade your privacy and besides, if I go now I can get back to my village in time before the blizzard.”

“It would be no trouble but if that’s your decision you should go now. Here’s a tip.” Kayla, said handing a few notes to the driver.

        Estuary, walked up a small flight of steps, into the wooden lodge, through a tree trunk door. The smell of fire wood was like an ambient fragrance, lightly lifted about the walls. Estuary, immediately felt a warmth that was almost imprisoning, like being dragged into an alternate dimension and he was nearly frightened by it. The bushy eye brows on his forehead lifted as he perused the simple furniture of dexterous browns, cloths and welcome trays of hot chocolate sachets and biscuits.

        “Estuary, look!” he heard his mother shout and ran outside. It had started snowing and not far from the lodge, just under a patch of trees, a Reindeer with majestic long antlers waited, checking, Ezra, as he brought the items of luggage in. “Alright come inside and close the door. The snow is starting to fall and we’re losing the heat.” Ezra, said.

“The fire was started hours ago. There’s plenty of heat coming from it. Stop being so bossy. You’re acting like my body guard, it’s annoying.” Kayla, said.

“Oh,.. I’m so sorry.. Who needs to guard a tough cookie like you, Kayla? You’re right. Do whatever you want then.” Ezra, nervously responded. He waited in the centre of the sitting room lounge as, Kayla, went to unpack in the bedroom. He saw, Estuary, lock the front door and noticed in the boy a disgruntlement, as though the child was agitated by itself. It was almost like watching a surreal loneliness. As though even in the company of others, there was no one there. It made, Ezra, feel an imminent sense of doom, which he recalled from the temple was a possibility if, Imoogi, was born a male.

        He assertively walked towards the boy, holding his shoulder before letting the boy pass into the bedrooms. “Do you ever get angry with life, Estuary?” Ezra, asked.

“Who the hell are you?! Why are you talking to me?! My anger, whatever its provocation was, is not your concern.” Estuary, replied, with bright hazel eyes leering into, Ezra’s, curious looking face.

“Your father talked like that. He was always being watched, Kid.”

“Are you watching me, Ezra?”

“Yes, I am. I’m afraid you might do something to hurt yourself and others.”

“I’m afraid your concerns have not promptly arrived. It is not of my own volition I am here to kill my spirit and the spirit of the season, for a shower of gifts, in Lapland, without even a lap to sit on. I’ve already hurt myself simply coming here with you. Weren’t you watching that, Ezra?” Estuary, spoke. As he turned his head away from, Ezra, he felt the hand holding his shoulder release him. He started to walk with the same assertiveness he kept locking the door, when he heard, Ezra, say:

“Estuary, I don’t think the world is ready. It just needs more time. You don’t have to destroy it, Imoogi.”

“Destroy it?!” Estuary, exclaimed with an innocent expression of discombobulation. The snow was rattling the windows as it blew in the gaining winds. It was suddenly a blizzard outside. Ezra, heard the flakes starting to scratch, like they were falling bits of shattered glass.

“What’s going on?” Ezra, spoke. He went to open the door and check what kind of a storm was moving over them. When the door opened the winds whirled like a tornado around the outside of the lodge. Ezra, covered his eyes for only a moment, when a huge claw hurled him from the doorway, into an evergreen tree. 

“Ezra!” Estuary, yelled and ran to the door. He froze with bewilderment, seeing a giant white Yeti standing before him, in the gown of the thick blizzard.

“Estuary, run!” Ezra, shouted.

“What summons you?” Estuary, spoke, when with ferocious rage the, Yeti, dragged the boy up from the ground into the grip of its long fury arms.

“Estuary!” Kayla, screamed, rushing into the sitting room. She picked up a chair and threw it at the back of the, Yeti. “Let him go!” She screamed. Ezra, dragged her back.

“He’ll be alright.” Ezra, said.

“A monstrous ungodly beast drags my son away and you pull me inside telling me ‘he’ll be alright!’” Are you insane?!”

“I’m a guardian. I know, Estuary, is, Imoogi. I knew you before, a skinny little girl in, Jogye Temple, Hyun – Dam, was the Chief Monk and my Master. The same man that prepared you.”

“That scrawny shadow, always lurking by the corner, was you?! It was.. Oh my God!”

“The Dragon Goddess is not endangered by that beast, Kayla.”

“That’s not the point! That’s not the point!” Kayla, spoke crying. “He’s my son. I’m all he has.”

        The Yeti had not run far from the lodge and was stifling, Estuary, in the smelly stench of its knotty white fur, when it stopped. Estuary, could see a light breaking down through the blizzard, like an eye in the storm. There was then a green glow, like a jade mist and a gentle face appeared. It was morose, sad looking and as an out stretched hand appeared to reprimand the Yeti, Estuary, saw chains fettered the man to the whirling ball of the blizzard. “HoHoHo, Now, let the boy go.” Estuary, heard, as the, Yeti, lowered him to the ground. Estuary, didn’t ask any questions, he looked with a confirming glance at the angelic spirit and quickly walked back to the lodge.

        “Mother!” He shouted walking through the door.

“Estuary! Thank god you’re alright. What was that? What’s happening?” Kayla, screamed. Ezra, answered:

“I don’t know what but I think I know who. The organisers of the, Jefferson’s, birthday party. The man in a clown suit, who gave us those tickets. He’s behind this. I’ve noticed no one else from the Jefferson’s, party is here. This was a setup. I’m not the only one who knew, Estuary, was the reincarnation of, Imoogi. I should have followed my first instinct about the clown and burnt those tickets.”         

        The intensity of the blizzard was reaching a peak. A gale drove into the lodge through the open door and cracking the white icy windows, with sharp and solid falling snow. The fever of anguish which heated their brows was rising to a state of catatonic fear. Estuary, was poignant, sensing the approach of an ominous and evil presence. It was like a presence he remembered seeking him out as a baby boy. He could remember his father’s spirit and the heavens finding him all those years ago and teaching him to wait without doubt or wavering faith.

        The snow began to slow, at once, as if they were switched off. Their heads lifted in the nights clearing air. It was like a vacuum was sucking the dark traces of blanketing clouds out of the earth. It was drawn like a natural explosion of gases, as if a volcano had exploded, rolling back blackness, like it was blowing out of the atmosphere. They watched in bewilderment, rushing with the exhilaration of being spared and saved; exciting their movements until, Estuary, heard a car.

        The black limousine crushed the white snow so it squeaked like mice under its rubber and shiny wheels. Estuary, walked away from his mother and Ezra, feeling a strange sense of attraction and curiosity for who was inside. He frowned when the car stopped and Mr Snipe, walked out. “You’re that clown.” Estuary, said.

        Mr Snipe, poked is tongue out at the boy and held the door open for, Mr. Li Rong, to appear. He was majestically dressed in shiny dark clothes that draped over him, with bushy fur on the edge of the linings. His hair was straight and fell perfectly, as though there was no breeze around him at all. The trees and the lots about the neighbouring lodges were mysteriously silenced. A deep sense of dread suddenly swept over, Ezra and Kayla, containing them like a spell of refrain. Kayla, was almost numb by the sense of, Li Rong’s, character, horrified, staring into his green eyes and unwanted radiance. She whispered, “Estuary..” calling her son back to her but the child moved intrepidly towards, Li Rong.

“You can recognise who I am, can’t you boy.” Li Rong, spoke.

“Can you not so clearly see me for that matter?” Estuary, replied.

“Your snivelling sensibilities do proceed you. Intelligent, bold and enduring; walking around in this weather, wearing that skirt.”

“Shut up and get to the point! So you’re an, Earth Star, why attack me?”

“Life was not designed to be directed, like a stage of puppets on a string. DReaLEartHG, is play of fools, who think their influencing of something other than their own slavery and ruin when they’re blind captives. Stop this, Estuary. Your will is better focused in my mentorship. The mentorship of an, Earth Star, like you. Not some calling of conquest.”

“You’re wrong. My very life, as I breathe, is proof your thinking is erroneous. You talk crap!”

“Prove it!”

“I have nothing to prove to you!”

        Li Rong, gave an omniscient and menacing laugh. It echoed in the fold of airs bouncing like ripples meeting each other off the trees and buildings. Kayla, gripped, Ezra, with a petrified worry. Li Rong, moved his hand out, speaking: “You will prove it to yourself and I will prove to you my desire will not be denied!”

        There was a stir of shadows dancing out of his hand. As if in a scattering of bodies, they opened to reveal a subdue image of the imprisoned man. His clothes were simple suture and green. Estuary, felt distraught sensations, seeing the old man’s innocent face, watching him with helpless concern. Ezra, rubbed his eyes in disbelief, speaking to, Kayla: “Is that, Santa Claus?”

        “Yes you idiot. I own, Lap Land, all of them. This man is a symbol of your apathy, like symbionts swarming everything good around you with envy and greed. Two of my favourite words. When you see supremacy, you know exactly what to breed.”

        “Release, St Nicholas! Right now!” Estuary, shouted.

“Join me, Estuary.”

“You’re insane! Your power has driven you mad!”

“You will join me!” Li Rong, exclaimed aggressively. Kayla, lunged to pull her son away but, Ezra, held her by his own side.

        “If you do not join me, this pathetic symbol of your good will shall never be released and my enterprises will continue to plague the world, until you truly have nowhere and no time to return to.

        Join me, Estuary, to truly bring balance to this deprave nature. DReaLEartHG? A drivel of a will that cannot be materialised. The real, Santa Claus, is here. You can restore, Christmas. Isn’t that the kind of thing a, DReaLEartHG, would do?”

        “Estuary?!” Kayla, spoke out feeling a wrenching sense of finality. A fear she was going to lose her son brought tears streaming down her Ebony face.

“Mother, no.” Estuary, calmly spoke. As he surrendered to the clear sentience of his own spirit, the light around, St Nicholas, brightened. Estuary’s, eyes began to glow bright, like amber jewels, as the boys connection to, Li Rong, was confirmed in a halo of heavy waves blowing against, Ezra and Kayla, softly, like fanned heat. The clothing on, St Nicholas, was redressed, with robes of his sainthood and the high white Mitre was appeared back over the crown of his head.  The shackles were removed and his body was brought out of the demonic cell, clearing his angelic soul over all the world.

        There was a deafness, so joyous it was like choirs of angels in the emptiness of the dark navy sky. Mr. Snipe, stood by the car door as, Li Rong, walked back into limousine ambivalently. Estuary, complying, followed after.

“Estuary!.. Estuary, please!....” Kayla, screamed being held back in, Ezra’s, hands. Estuary, turned from beside, Mr. Snipe, with a dispassionate look of satisfaction.

“Your ocean is nearing mother, don’t cry.” He said.


By Aaron Pemberton

Merry Christmas, to everyone of our readers and  Happy New Year, from Everyone at, Squint Koros UK 

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