Whu Shu Jack

Pets are good. But when the wild nature of evil is released, as a Demon, the world cannot know the form of its making and the end it breeds before the petting zoo. Whu Shu Jack, finds, Joe and his young friends, which hold the desire to bear vision of a life brilliant and free, to destroy and control They must recon with the heavy reality of the looming curse that devours them, which is, Whu Shu Jack. Then release themselves through massive bravery and perilous encounters, unseen, until they have stopped the monster possessing worlds, that is, Whu Shu Jack. 

Whu Shu Jack, this book, is a teenagers insight into the psychology of the anxious and disturbed minds, from the viewpoint of a 13 year old boy, Joe. His broken home invites new considerations of ethics and urban longevity. These are the welcoming fight that invites, Whu Shu Jack. The Demon Deity element of secrets, hidden in the perfect construction of other peoples time which, Joe, wished for, without curse that crushed the world with their claws announcing, 'Whu Shu Jack.'

A journey which forces the abandonment of his home in, Engalnd, to the hope of restoring his own brilliant visions with mystical origins scrolls, in, China. It is a story of sentient struggle, for young adventurers in the world of old imprisonment.  

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  • Whu Shu Jack

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