Stories A.D. - Peril

Roxan, has been a loving mother and housewife. The life she leads is a testament to happiness, until her unmatched abilities are noticed by others who want to control. Roxan's life could be eliminated at the loss of her husband and her son. It takes all of her resources and skill just to be heard speaking the truth around a web of lies. Roxan, takes the role of an independent woman, in this book, to try and save her family from, Peril.

This is only Part 1 of an epic story. Roxan, is the victim of the evil weapons dealers, National Attack Weapons. Under the control of, Mr. Cole, National Attack Weapons, incessantly struggle for power. Only, Mr. Chopper and the, National Defence Artillery Group, can secure peace for, Roxan and the world.   

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  • Stories A.D. - Peril

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