Stories A.D. - 2000 Ascending

Book 3 of the epic, Stories A.D.  

2000 Ascending, is not a story about Jesus but it is an abstract science fiction book, produced after declarations that were spewed out in life that knows about Jesus.

A dichotomy of characters are created next to the continuing story, in this, the third part of the epic, Stories A.D. . The book is a deep and sophisticated presentation of ideas from a philosophical mind that has learned to express itself artistically.

Embark on an unsurpassed journey that really is out of this world and witness the depiction of a holy war in an intelligent reflection of life.

Discover how the advocate of evil that seized power and ruined lives, is confronted by new heroes and survivors. Mr Chopper of the, National Defence Artillery Group, is about to lose his fortune and power because of, Mr Cole’s, insanity. The characters that help, Mr Chopper, are the keepers of a destiny the writer unravels through insightful and imaginative ideas.   

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  • Stories A.D. - 2000 Ascending

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